The Real Winners!

This was the one of the main highlights of Time Out for Women for me, meeting this beautiful piano teacher, Jennifer Paulsen. Jennifer won this “Refuge” that we gave away. If you read my previous post “Because He Loves Me”, you will know that I was having a rough day prior to TOFW, so this moment was really quite beautiful for me. We were the real winners! Jennifer was truly an answer to my prayers in so many ways. We were kind of worried that the piece ended up too big and my worst fear was that the person who won it, wouldn’t love it, and go sell it on KSL or something. It is always hard to know if we are doing the right thing when we are doing a give away of any kind, but this was the biggest single thing we have ever done so we were extra nervous. Jennifer was so incredibly excited and so gracious about winning. My second warm fuzzy came because McKinley has been teaching herself how to play the piano the last few weeks and Jennifer told us that she was a piano teacher. I was totally inspired by Jennifer telling me she would be placing the print above the piano. I just loved the thought of the children at the piano under the temple!! BTW McKinley has a teacher now, she had earned the money to pay for two months of piano lessons so I got her a teacher finally and she had her first lesson yesterday! I hope Jennifer doesn’t mind me saying this, she called winning the “Refuge” a tender mercy, it was for us as much as it was for her.

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